Saturday, April 18, 2009

To a martyr
Your life was’nt wasted,
Nor was your holy death.
You can see the changes of the aftermath.
O sacrificing soldier you never stamped
our belief,
And this is why today for you our
hearts heave.
You were there always at the nations
beck and call.
Our life against your death is really
so small.
Great are you ,And greater is your
If we try and compare you there’s no
It’s your courage to defy life’s desire.
Coz of you today we are away from
fear and mire.
No words of ours can be a tribute,
No flowers on your sepulcher can show
our gratitude.
Your valorous act made us all mute.
We wish if we could soon punish the
O seraph , help our prayers reach our
Acquaint him – “In our hearts he’ll
forever reside.
Coz of his efforts our nation survived।”

- Himadri Haksar

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  1. It's really thought provoking!! Awesome post!!