Sunday, May 24, 2009

PREVARICATING : can we believe our military?

Our belief , commonmen's faith is incalculable times humiliated .So it is undoubtedly certain that the people now rarely believe anything or everything reported either by media or the officers themselves.Every now and then we come across incidents that were never satisfactorily solved and it seems they'll never be .So what could be done in such situations where lives of even the most serviceable community the military troops are in danger just because of mere greed of ministers and administrative officers involved.What should be done when our government agree to sign tenders which provide weapons with weaker potential on field why is it that we buy aircrafts which now are not used even by the manufacturers ?Why is it that life of man is not taken seriously unless it provide some pecuniary gains ?why is it that we have to look up to those whom we don't trust ?where can we find solutions to our problems ?when will we give priority to moral values and relationships ?when 'll we take life seriously ?when'll we become diligent enough to take care atleast of our country if not the world ?it's such an easy thing to do ..just keep u'r focus on u'r country and then let the things happen..u'll see everythings's going fyn..and both morally and politically correct..

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